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To grow up grain crops — the difficult process including a number of actions, directed on increase in productivity. To receive a good harvest, it is necessary to prepare the grain intended for landing, right after harvesting, it is correct to process arable lands, to introduce fertilizers, pesticides and to carry out a set of other actions.

"Everyone who is capable to grow up two cones of wheat on that place where before dews only one, deserves the highest praise of mankind, for the country it does much more, than all politicians together taken."

( Johnathan Swift )

Sale of the grain — laborious work as before directly registration of the transaction, it is necessary to keep carefully grain throughout certain time. Exactly confidence in quality of our production allows us to achieve considerable success and gain the partnership of big foreign companies.




BLACKSHIRE UNITED is world top class of Agro industry, textile and artificial fur material supplier specialising in high quality textile products for sportswear, furniture and fashion industries based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

With years of hard work and experience we found the perfect and easiest way to adopt the client to our own needs. We provide you with materials and products of the highest quality in the market we also guiding you and helping you through the whole order process from the moment we submit and confirm the order till shipment to your business, and this is the reason we serve more than 300 businesses world widely.

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